Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Child's Heart Sings

Traveling always has its surprises. One day in February 2008, I made a pleasand discovery in the quiet, rural town of Loboc, on Bohol island. The small town of musically inclined (and gifted) residents prides itself on the Loboc Children's Choir, comprised of 9-13 year olds at the principal elementary school. Founded in 1980 to perform in school and community events, the LCC has become more than just a school choir.

In 2003, LCC received the gold medal in the youth category at the "Europe and It's Song" Festival in Barcelona, Spain. At that same festival, they also received the Festival Cup (Grand Prize) besting 12 other (adult )choirs. The town's 300 year old church is the choir's "concert hall." However, they have performed in venues and events in Europe, Asia, and the Philippines. as well as prisons, hospitals, and senior's homes.

I didn't see the choir perform (it was a school day), but picked up their CD, "And A Child Heart Sings" before getting on one of the floating restaurants. Their repertoire consists primarily of classical and religious music, with international folk and children songs thrown in. The angelic sound of the Loboc Children's Choir makes Bohol a bit more special.